The Music Master Theory Book Series

Our Theory Books are digitally printed in black and white, using top quality materials, colour laminated covers, and bound together using section sewing in a paperback style.


The Music Master Theory Books will take you on an exciting journey exploring the language of music in all its diversity, providing a deep understanding of how music is written, learning what all the signs and symbols represent. Each book contains  detailed  explanations  every  step  of  the  way,  with  a  variety  of  fun  practice  worksheets  to  test  and  challenge  your  growing  knowledge  and  skill. Also included are detailed answers at the back of each book.

Theory Book One


The Music Master Theory Book One is an elementary level preparing for grade 1. Learn how to become a master at drawing treble and bass clefs, rests and note values,  and  discover  the  mysteries  behind  scales  and  triads,  key  signatures,  semitones and intervals.


RRP £14.00

Theory Book Two


The  Music  Master  Theory  Book  Two  is  an  intermediate  level  preparing  for  grades 2 and 3. Learn about ledger lines, transposing between clefs, writing key signatures, different types of interval and minor scales. Unravel the complexities of simple and compound time and note groupings.


RRP £14.00

Theory Book Three


The Music Master Theory Book Three is a milestone in this exciting journey learning the musical language. Explore primary triads, chord inversions, ornaments, writing in four different clefs, enharmonic change, complex intervals and transposing instruments. Develop terminology in French, German and Italian, the four cadences, and build composing skills setting words to music and techniques in melody writing. This book combines all the essential material for grades 4,5 and beyond.


RRP £14.00