Master Compositions

Our Composition Scores are digitally printed with black and white inside pages, using top quality materials, and carefully bound together using section sewing thread in a paperback style.

Piano and Violin Suite


The Piano and Violin Suite was composed in the spring of 2021, and is a four movement work exploring ensemble skills, pianistic virtuosity and many of the different techniques played on the violin; pizzicato, tremolo, bowed slurs, and spiccato.  Each movement reflects a different title, for example; the first movement ‘Fantasia’ is very free, energetic and expressive, the second movement ‘El Baile’ represents a quirky dance in triple time, the third movement ‘Romance’ is calm with a feeling of nostalgia, and the fourth movement ‘Cajas Musicales’ represents wind-up music boxes, portrayed through a set of characterful variations.


RRP £12.00

1st Movement 'Fantasia'

2nd Movement 'El Baile'

3rd Movement 'Romance'

4th Movement 'Cajas musicales'

Piano Trio No 1 ‘The Chiltern’


Piano Trio No 1 ‘The Chiltern’ was completed in the summer of 2021 and is a four movement work inspired by the beautiful Chiltern landscape and soaring red-kites surrounding Wendover in Buckinghamshire. Each movement challenges the performers technical expertise through a mixture of virtuosic passages and lyrical phrasing, enhanced through a carefully balanced ensemble, combining sections of instrumental dialogue with energetic solo passages.

Piano Trio 1st Movement

Piano Trio 2nd Movement

Piano Trio 3rd Movement

Piano Trio 4th Movement

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