Master Compositions

Our Composition Scores are digitally printed with black and white inside pages, using top quality materials, and carefully bound together using section sewing thread in a paperback style.

Loch Thoirbheartan An Orchestral Tone Poem


Loch Thoirbheartan is an orchestral tone poem composed in May 2023, and is scored for a full string orchestra, solo violin, flute and clarinet in Bb. The title of this work comes from an ancient Gaelic name, which when translated means Lake Torridon, an area of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by impressive mountains situated in the Highlands of North West Scotland. Throughout this piece there are several contrasts in tempo, instrumental textures, different string playing techniques, harmonic mood changes, rhythmic variations, and moments of virtuosity creating a pictorial tapestry to represent this amazing landscape.


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The price includes a complete pack of the main score and one set of all the instrumental parts. To purchase more booklets of each instrumental part, select the part from the Multiple Parts drop down menu and click the BUY NOW button. This will take you to our shopping cart where you can choose the quantity of parts you wish to order. Individual booklets are priced at £2 each.

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Loch Thoirbheartan An Orchestral Tone Poem


Complete Pack

Leyendas 1 & 2 for Solo Piano


Leyendas 1 & 2 are two contrasting character pieces composed in March 2023 for solo piano. The title ‘Leyendas’ is a Spanish translation for ‘Legends’. The pieces represent a fairy tale image of a majestic castle, a beautiful princess and a raging battle between knights with banners flying under a darkened sky, enhanced with moments of tranquillity and feelings of nostalgia portraying a story from a time long ago.


RRP £15.00

Leyenda No 1 for Solo Piano

Leyenda No 2 for solo piano

Violin and Piano Sonata No 1


Sonata No 1 for violin and piano was completed in the summer of 2022 and is a three movement work. The first and third movements convey a lot of energy and musical dialogue between the violin and piano, and the second movement portrays a calm, nostalgic character created through a mixture of colourful harmonics and glissandi. The work is carefully balanced providing a mixture of challenging rhythmic and technical passages for both players with contrasting lyrical moments.


RRP £18.00

Violin and Piano Sonata 1st Movement

Violin and Piano Sonata 2nd Movement

Violin and Piano Sonata 3rd Movement

Piano and Violin Suite


The Piano and Violin Suite was composed in the spring of 2021, and is a four movement work exploring ensemble skills, pianistic virtuosity and many of the different techniques played on the violin; pizzicato, tremolo, bowed slurs, and spiccato.  Each movement reflects a different title, for example; the first movement ‘Fantasia’ is very free, energetic and expressive, the second movement ‘El Baile’ represents a quirky dance in triple time, the third movement ‘Romance’ is calm with a feeling of nostalgia, and the fourth movement ‘Cajas Musicales’ represents wind-up music boxes, portrayed through a set of characterful variations.


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1st Movement 'Fantasia'

2nd Movement 'El Baile'

3rd Movement 'Romance'

4th Movement 'Cajas musicales'

Piano Trio No 1 ‘The Chiltern’


Piano Trio No 1 ‘The Chiltern’ was completed in the summer of 2021 and is a four movement work inspired by the beautiful Chiltern landscape and soaring red-kites surrounding Wendover in Buckinghamshire. Each movement challenges the performers technical expertise through a mixture of virtuosic passages and lyrical phrasing, enhanced through a carefully balanced ensemble, combining sections of instrumental dialogue with energetic solo passages.

Piano Trio 1st Movement

Piano Trio 2nd Movement

Piano Trio 3rd Movement

Piano Trio 4th Movement