The Music Master Deluxe Book Series

Our Deluxe Books are created from the finest materials. Digitally printed onto white gloss card with laminated covers to protect the borders against damage, and bound together with a strong, durable half-Canadian ring.

Examples of a Deluxe Book with half- Canadian

Music Master Keyboard Book


The Music Master Keyboard Book provides the tools, the practice and the stimuli for anyone who wants to learn how to play the electronic keyboard and the piano. Each chapter provides a learning style which enables you to progress at your own pace. The book also provides information on different musical cultures so that you can play with stylistic awareness. All the terminology, key features and tasks are explained with each piece making learning accessible and fun for all.


RRP £24.00

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Music Master Puzzle Book


The Music Master Puzzle Book brings the language of music to life through a variety of puzzles which explore music history and music theory up to Grade 5. The puzzles vary considerably from easy to very challenging. Many of the puzzles require the completion of various tasks in order to reach the final answer, providing a progressive build-up of knowledge. Through the fun and excitement of completing each puzzle the experience of learning becomes a reality.


RRP £21.00

Music Master Composition Book


The Music Master Composition book will take you on a journey through the history of western Classical Music exploring the first stages of writing a 'good' tune to the more advanced skills of instrumental writing. Each chapter explores different styles, structures and techniques for writing music. Learn how to compose by following detailed examples every step of the way and build up a library of tools and techniques which will help you become an independent composer.


RRP £29.00

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Music Master Ensemble Book


The Music Master Ensemble Book is the ultimate companion for the advanced composer. Learn how to write a complete string quartet, a piece for choir, jazz band, and electronic keyboard; unravel the complexity of harmony, ornamentation, and transposition. Each chapter provides the tools, practice and stimuli to create complete projects for A-Level and beyond. Discover how to build up a variety of textures, acquire the essential vocal and instrumental techniques, and become a master in melodic development.


RRP £32.00

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Music Master Performer Book I

Brujilda and Fugitivo


The Music Master Performer Book I explores Serialism and music of the twentieth century. The book provides a variety of tools and techniques; finger exercises, musical puzzles, detailed analysis and historical facts, to help you become an accomplished pianist and performer. Learn how to approach a new piece, develop the art of pedalling and how to become a master in fingering.


RRP £18.00

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Music Master Performer Book II

Jazz Suite


The Music Master Performer Book II will take you on a journey through the world of Jazz and famous composers, styles and compositional techniques. Through playing and having fun you can develop skills in time keeping, following cues, when to expose your virtuosity and how to blend in with the rest of the band. Each piece can be played as a complete group, or individually using the CD backing tracks. Also provided are separate booklets for each instrumental part.


RRP £45.00

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Music Master Performer Book III

Summer Walk in Birkham


The Music Master Performer Book III is the perfect companion for the advanced pianist with a desire to understand the links between poetry and music. Learn about programme and incidental music and discover some of the great innovators who wrote in these styles. Challenge your pianistic abilities to grade 8 and beyond and develop skills in communication, stylistic awareness and performance.


RRP £22.00

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Music Master Performer Book IV

The Shiants


The Music Master Performer Book IV is based on an original composition entitled ’The Shiants’. Through this piece you can develop skills in ensemble playing using a mixture of both orchestral and traditional instrumentation. Within this book there are also musical puzzles relating to other composers who were inspired by Scotland. Also provided is an accompanying CD with play along tracks and separate instrumental booklets for creating live performances.


RRP £38.00

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Music Master Duet Book


The Music Master Duet Book offers a collection of new and exciting compositions written for two electronic keyboards exploring many different musical styles, playing techniques, and puzzles which will challenge your knowledge of music theory and the history of famous composers. The book also includes an audio CD complete with play along tracks to help you develop your ensemble skills, and a separate keyboard two booklet perfect for creating live performances.


RRP £33.00

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